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BYOD Years 5-12

BYOD is a term used to describe when students bring their own devices to school to access the College network and information systems, including filtered internet access and the ability to print to College printers.

At The Lakes Christian College, we are committed to developing our teaching and learning through the technologies available, and it is expected that online learning will become part of our students’ daily learning experience. We believe that students should be able to access digital content, tools and resources from anywhere at any time as they learn in ways that lead to greater engagement and understanding.  For this reason, we are asking all year 5-12 students to bring a fully charged laptop (as below) to school.  Please view our BYOD Policy here.

Please contact the office if your child does not have a device.  We have a limited number available for daily use.

Technology use is at the discretion and under the instruction of the teacher and uses filtered internet access.   The device must be charged, in good working condition and available for use each day as required.  The College is not responsible for the security and care of a student BYOD. It is the responsibility of each student to care for their device, including between lessons. A locker is available for the secure storage of BYOD.  The College IT department provides basic support for simple IT problems. - Personal devices must meet the minimum hardware requirements of a laptop (Win or Mac).  An iPad with an attached keyboard may function adequately.  The Microsoft Office suite is available for free to all students in the BYOD program while attending the college. 

Cell phones are not permitted to be used at all on campus and will be confiscated.

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