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Primary Years: Kindergarten to Year 6

Children enjoy the wonderful learning journey they embark on as they complete their first years of schooling at The Lakes Christian College. Our personalised approach is based on a Christian belief that God has made each one of our children precious with their own gifts and talents. Our classes are a place where learning, love and laughter go hand in hand.


Learning to read, write and speak confidently is crucial. Students are taken through deliberate and direct reading, writing and speaking lessons. By blending the curiosity and imagination of the children with the important literacy, numeracy, scientific and social knowledge they require, our teachers provide quality teaching. Direct instruction combined with age appropriate activities such as storytelling, songs, educational games and experiential learning outdoors provides our children with a wide range of learning opportunities.


Our teachers use proven positive behavior for learning and restorative practices to create a safe and caring learning environment that enables our students to encounter new challenges confidently so they can build success upon success. Children need to know they are loved. Our classes model God’s love for all children and all of His creation.

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