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Prep: Three and a half to five year old children welcome

What does Prep at The Lakes look like?

The Lakes Christian College Prep class is designed especially for children in the years prior to Kindergarten. The program incorporates the best of a developmentally-based preschool education with the teaching of skills that form an essential base for reading, writing and mathematics.


Our aim is to ensure students are off to a flying start when they enter Kindergarten. At the same time, we provide a Christian perspective to every aspect of learning during the formative years.


Attendance in the Prep class is flexible so parents can tailor the days they choose to meet the needs of family schedules.  Students should be three and a half by the end of February to enrol in Prep.


Prep students are introduced to pre-reading skills and are systematically taught letter sounds with songs and games. They also develop early writing skills, number recognition and counting.


Students also have regular visits to the College library where they are able to borrow books. They also participate in weekly lessons with specialist High School teachers including Music and Physical Education.

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