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Educational Programme

Commencing at Prep, students at The Lakes Christian College are offered a diverse educational programme which has a very strong focus on literacy and numeracy in the early years. Primary students enjoy specialised teaching for Music and Art, as well as a comprehensive swimming programme taught by qualified swimming instructors. Also critical to every part of our program at all levels are our biblical Christian foundations. This influences not only the College’s approach to traditional teaching disciplines, but also its approach to student well-being, care and safety.


The Junior Secondary programme includes a range of standard subject offerings including Maths, English, Science, History/Geography, Physical Education and Christian studies, as well as a wide range of more diverse experiences in areas such as Creative and Performing Arts, Technology, LOTE and music. Apart from these school programmes, the College also offers students a variety of rich and diverse projects aimed at bringing together their learning from a range of disciplines.


College students are also offered a range of extra-curricular opportunities. These include instrumental music lessons, Regional and State swimming, cross country and track and field competition as well as regular inter-school sporting competitions.

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