Welcome to The Lakes Christian College

tlcc_web (26).jpgThe Lakes Christian College is an independent school nestled in a peaceful, rural environment at Castlereagh, north of Penrith. The College currently caters to students of Preparatory age (4 years) to Year 12.

Our vision is to work as partners with parents to know and nurture children. All children are unique and valuable, and have gifts and abilities given by God that we desire to see discovered and developed to full potiental. Students are encouraged to develop skills to equip them for leadership roles in the College and in the wider community.

Every day is an open day at the College. Families are invited to visit our peaceful bushland setting to have a tour of the school and experience the educational opportunities on offer.

Who is behind The Lakes Christian College?

The Lakes Christian College is one of ten Christian schools operated by Christian Community Ministries Ltd (CCM). The College joined the CCM group in late 2012.

The Board of CCM

The Board of CCM is a group of Christians who have a passion for seeing the growth of Christian education in Australia by making it affordable to everyday families. All Colleges under their care are members of Christian Schools Australia, a national organisation aimed at furthering the interests of Christian schools all around Australia.